Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Matte and Gloss paper stock?
A: Matte stock is a coated paper that has a duller finish than glossy paper. Gloss stock is a coated paper with a shiny or reflective finish often used with 4-color printing to make colors appear more vivid.
Q: What is the difference between cover stock and text stock?
A: Cover stock (card) is thicker than text stock, and is commonly used for business cards, posters, signs, outside pages on booklets, etc. Text stock (paper) is used for stationery, pamphlets, brochures, inside pages of booklets, etc.
Q: What is 1-color or spot color printing?
A: 1-color or spot color printing uses a specific color. If more than 2 spot colors are desired it is more cost effective to convert them to 4 color process.
Q: What is full-color printing?
A: Four color process uses the 4 basic colors (CMYK or Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black). These 4 colors when proportionately mixed together will produce any combination of colors, it allows you to choose from nearly any color possible for your printed matter, not including metallic colors.
Adding a UV or laminated coating gives your printed piece a glossy finish and protects it from scratching the inks. The highest quality print publications are printed in full-color using the 4-color printing process.
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